Ridpath Creative Partners will host and maintain your Website. We’ll provide routine maintenance on your site to ensure that your site is secure and running efficiently. Our technology staff will perform regularly scheduled audits to enable the following types of updates:

  1. Drupal security patches
  2. Newest releases of Drupal modules
  3. Proactive recommendation for new Drupal technology

Routine maintenance is critical to keep your site running smoothly. In addition, a well-maintained site is much more conducive to any types of future changes or updates you wish to make.

Our Standard Hosting and Maintenance package includes the following:

  • 2 support tickets per month with content updates, search engine optimization, advertising and analytics, theme tweaks and other customizations, functionality tweaks, and anything else that comes up…
  • priority scheduling for additional services
  • telephone support

Not included in our Standard Hosting and Maintenance package are requests such as:

  • new custom form(s)
  • new content type(s)
  • new module installation and configuration
  • custom page appearance - special design or non-standard page structure
  • theme design changes and updates - new colors, fonts, core theme element appearance

Standard Hosting and Maintenance - $42.99* per month

Drupal Maintenance and Web Hosting Terms of Service

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*Email services not included but are available. Contact us for details.