Why Your Website Is a Failure?

Ok, so the topic title was pretty harsh. Let's collectively decide to move past that. We'll start off by saying congratulations that you've decided to make a website as few businesses can survive without an online presence. Unfortunately, you may not be getting everything you need out of your website, and we can show you the major pitfalls companies fail to take advantage of their site.

Your Content Curration Sucks 

As hard as it is to come up with fresh content constantly, it really is your best way to create an engaging website. It's an investment that can pay off across the board, but it takes time to make it happen. Whatever angle you think your customers will like best (e.g., humor, sentimentality, pure logic, etc.), you have to be prepared generate a boatload of ideas and to stay consistent about updatind everything. Marketing is about connecting, and you can't connect without sharing part of yourself in your work. You need to come up with a branding strategy, and incorporate it in long blog posts and short social media interactions. Answer questions directly, and explain the most common misconceptions in your line of work. Your blog is your chance to shine, and if it's too much of a pain, then get someone else to generate new content to keep it active. It's also your best way to improve SEO. You think Google keeps you at the bottom of their search engine pages because they have it in for you? Try again. 

Here's a quick checklist of what Google likes:

  • Regular Additions to Your Blog 
  • Regular Updates to Your Landing Pages and Web Design
  • Professional Yet Innovative Content 
  • Strong Promotion of Specific Events and Information Related to Your Company
  • Mobile Ready in one of these configurations: Responsive Web Design, Dynamic Serving or Separate URLs. You can learn what Google has to say on this topic here.

Getting Help 

Sometimes you need to call upon someone else to give you the tools to keep your website fresh. Ridpath Creative specializes in helping those with Drupal websites keep up with the many changes in technology, and assists with maintenance so your site stays secure and functional as time goes by. We firmly believe that Drupal is content management at its simplest. Updating is simple, and even advanced features are easier to learn than other platforms. Ridpath Creative in Kansas City, Missouri are the experts you can trust to give you expert tips when it comes to keeping your social media content on the cutting edge of what's in right now. 

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