What is User Experience and why should I care?

Most businesses decide to get a website to get more notice and gain more customers, which is ultimately to make more money.  In order to satisfy these business goals, customers must be intrigued to learn more about your business and engage with your website.  Throughout the process of working to grow your business, have you ever stopped to think about user experience design?

What Is User Experience?

User experience, or UX, is a process that seeks to answer questions about who users are, what they want, and how they react when it comes to products and services.  It's one very important reason why we put so much time and effort into the details of website analysis.  How you apply what you learn about UX can determine if your customers have a good or bad reaction to your website, and can affect their overall opinion of your business.

Even major search engines have shifted their focus to the user experience and use that as a part of their rating process to rank websites.  Content is still king, but consideration and convenience now play a major role in where you fall in the pool of businesses and entrepreneurs on the web.  “If you build it they will come” has now become, if you build it to meet their wants and needs, they will come and come again.

Why Should I Care?

First impression is everything, and it's no different with web design.  Within a matter of seconds, users will decide to leave your website and contribute to your bounce rate, engage just this once, or visit frequently and become a loyal customer. Website design, load speed, and accessibility to needed features are a few of the many things to keep in mind about a good user experience.

Sure it's nice to have a great looking website and include some of the components that you want, but it's more important to have a website that functions to meet the needs of potential customers who want to purchase your products or services.  You should care because a good user experience helps everyone at once.  User experience website design puts you in line with satisfying the needs of customers and, ultimately, raising your bottom line.  

Drupal, our prefered development platform, is a leading web development platform that has all of the necessary components for good user experience web design.  With nearly 25 years of professional experience, out team has become a reputable resource in Kansas City for web design.  Contact me for help with your user experience design project.

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