Hair-raising ideas for small businesses

Sometimes it’s difficult for small-business owners to understand why they need a presence on the web.  Especially if they have a steady clientele and satisfied customers.  Salon Creations, a boutique salon located in the heart of Blue Springs, MO, is a perfect example of this type of business.  They have walk-in traffic, a steady clientele, and an excellent retention rate, but they didn’t have a website.  

Why do successful businesses need a website?

  1. No matter how successful your business is, there is competition, and more often than not, your competition is on the web.  If you’re not, you could be losing revenue.  
  2. If your business relies on emotional and rational decisions, the web is an excellent place to appeal to the emotional side of making a purchase.  Through animated graphics, visuals and solid user experience, you can make an emotional connection with current and prospective customers. 
  3. Having a well-designed website also allows customers and prospects to be able to locate your business.  Adding a contact us page and google maps make it more convenient for people trying to get in touch.  
  4. Branding and legitimacy are also benefits of having a good website.  Customers and prospects make decisions on the quality of your business based on the presence of your website.  

Ridpath Creative worked with Salon Creations to bring Salon Creation’s brand to life on the web.  Since the launch of the site, they have seen an increase in traffic, both online and offline.  But for them, the beauty of having the website was more than just to increase traffic, it was to connect on an emotional level with customers and prospects.  Visit the site at

Ridpath Creative is a favorite website developer in the Kansas City metro area. If your business has a website that was developed before the introduction of the iPhone, or you just want an expert opinion regarding your digital strategy, give us a call at 816-792-9669 or email

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