not having a Web site can actually be detrimental to your business

Did you know that not having a Web site can actually be detrimental to your business?

  • It’s much like owning a small business, but refusing to put a sign on the door telling people who you are and what your hours are.
  • Or even having an unlisted telephone number.
Business owners wouldn’t dream of a situation like that. So why do 58% of small businesses lack a Web presence? Especially when 97% of all Internet users look online for local products and services.
According to Google, “The Garment Exchange in Texas saw a 250% increase in sales after creating a website, and an entrepreneurial lawyer at Dahman Law now earns 85% of his revenue from his small business website. Getting online may very well be the easiest thing a business can do to grow and thrive in today’s marketplace."
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