Your Photography Investment

Answers to some questions about your investment and how our pricing structure works:

Why do I need professional photography?

Why do I need professional photography?
Ridpath Creative Photography is in the business of taking creative, unique photographs for both business and personal use. We know when you hirer a professional you want somethign special. Our number one goal is to create special results. I want to create a amazing photography that works for you.


Corporate and Executive Photo Shoots

Do you shoot commercial photography and business portraits/headshots?
Businesses small and large will often contract us to create highly professional promotional and commercial photographs. We also provide sessions for business portraits/headshots. We work with law firms, real estate agencies, medical practices, banks and other organizations. Contact us to discuss any specific projects or requests.

  • $300 minimum, plus $125 each additional hour, $1000 full day rate available
  • Your choice of location, background and style
  • Selection of captured photos delivered digitally for your review and selection
  • I'm a certified Photoshop Expert - standard image processing is included. Advanced image work available at my hourly rate



Do you shoot video?
We can capture interviews, short business and training presentations of one hour or less. If you need video or photography consider hiring us to capture both. If you plan to shoot video, you may wish to plan for a slightly longer shot session.


Our location is Kansas City

Where will you shoot photographs?
Location, location, locations. Ridpath Creative Photography is Kansas City based. We shoot on-location in the Kansas City area, or we can work in a rented studio of your choice. We will travel outside of Kansas City–transportation and lodging charges can be discussed during our telephone consultation.



What is your availability?
Planning ahead is always recommended. I'll make every effort to meet your scheduling needs. If you wish to lock in a day and time on my calendar I will require a 50 percent retainer fee at the time of booking.


A Few Final Notes

What else do I need to know?
Ridpath Creative Photography specializes in small business and non-profit portraits and executive photos, and we can do the amazing things we do with these photo styles because this is our specialty. It is also important to note that when you hire Ridpath Creative Photography for a photo session we do not provide hair, wardrobe or makeup services. I encourage you to connect with an expert or a knowledgeable acquaintance to choose the right hair, makeup, and wardrobe choices for your upcoming photo session.


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