You Should Love Print Marketing (and why I do)
In the world of the internet, it may seem as if print media is no longer relevant. In truth? Print media is not only not dead; it's very much a reliable, engaging outlet that offers many significant advantages. If you are a Kansas City, Missouri business owner, I recommend embracing print media.  
Tactile and Sensory 
Many people today still turn to brochures for information. And it's no wonder. Reading a brochure is a pleasurable, interactive, utterly visual experience where the reader can touch the page and almost smell the content. Studies show that engaged print users tend to believe that printing conveys an aura of trust and authority. 
Print Readers are Engaged Readers
While fewer media consumers are turning to print, those who are stay more engaged in the content. Unlike reading online where the reader tends to skim text because web design tends to encourage this behavior, those who read print media read more carefully. A brochure is likely to be read more than once. Print readers are also liable to spend time thinking about materials they've read in print media such as brochures more than in other media. Learning and information retention have also been shown to be better when reading a printed brochure.
Standing Out
In today's busy world, readers are confronted with dozens of choices each day. Readers will come across scores of choices the second they do an internet search. But handing out a brochure or mailing one will stand out from the pack. One of the best ways to reach out to readers is the use of personalization. Print media like brochures can easily have personal at little cost. Readers respond well such techniques, making it easier than ever to use print media to connect directly with customers. 
Things Digital Media Just Can't Do 
Digital media is here to stay. Readers love their cell phones and their laptops. People are still reading brochures and magazines. Such marketing materials are likely to remain in a person's home for many years while articles seen online are likely to be deleted quickly. A brochure or printed magazine is likely to stay on the coffee table while the last article read online may be quickly relegated to the delete file. 
This sticking power is why print media should continue to be a major outlet for all those who wish to reach out to today's modern reader. Print media is easy to read, helps the marketer stand out in a crowded market and offers customers visually pleasing, relevant, portable information. 
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